New Peking (No Peeking..)


The search for a more authentic, not chain chinese restaurant wasn’t hard to find, but we also wanted one that wasn’t overly saucy/greasy/fried.  I think we found a good one!  Alyce, Astine and I went to New Peking (it really is pronounced pea-king) in Westport and were seated immediately.  The atmosphere is cozy and some of the dishes were cooked via tableside manner (ha I am so used to saying bedside manner in the hospital) or at least sizzled there.  We ended up getting the spring rolls/egg rolls for starters, chicken & asparagus, beef & snow peas, and the house chicken-consisting of a garlic ginger flavor served on a bed of cabbage.  The waiter liked their suggestions but when I asked about the house chicken he said “eh, it’s sweet.  Get it if you want but I’m not a sweet guy.” Ha!  I enjoyed this place and we all agreed everything was fresh tasting and not your usual fried, sauce piled chinese.

House chicken



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