Vietnam Cafe



Ok so I wasn’t too excited when I found out I was placed at Don Bosco Senior Center, because I really just didn’t know what to expect.  However, I have a great clinical group + we will be playing bingo with seniors, going to dances with them and today I talked to a lady from Sicily and she told me from memory how to make homemade “zugu” aka red sauce.  Kelly, Austin & I helped her pack meals for around 400 seniors who are home bound and can’t afford to eat/aren’t physically able to get to the center.  The smell of freshly baked bread was mouth watering.  However, another highlight of today was the fact that Kelly & I “toured” our new community and found more local little restaraunts that we were pumped to try.  And the best thing?  Our clinical group and instructor were all up for new places!!! So today, we tried the Vietnam Cafe.
Happy plate.
Honestly I didn’t know what would even be on the menu.  Shelly was raving about pho, which I have only encountered in a buffet (I know, not a good judgment of any kind of food!).  So after Austin and Shelly were estatic about it, I decided to go with the seafood one. 
Seafood Pho topped with fresh cilantro, basil and sprouts

I have to say I was really impressed, and my opinion of pho has completely changed.  And it is pronounced Fuh like rhyming with Duh.  The broth of this soup is what really makes it.  It is sweet and savory and the freshness on top gives it so many different layers of flavor.  Delicious.

On another topic, I realized how much once I again I have to be thankful for.  The past week has been yet another occurance of our heater/hot water heater going out.  Waking up in the morning to 55 degrees has been chilly yet bearable due to the fact I usually have school/work to go to and I can just wear a coat around the house.  However, I heard seniors that haven’t had gas since JUNE!  And can’t afford a $1 meal everyday.  We all have the luxury to go grocery shopping weekly (if not tri-weekly..) and some of them depend on help from Harvesters/other food pantries stipends of canned goods-1 box per month.  Just another thankful tidbit.


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