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Breakfast at well, Simply Breakfast.

Breakfast food, anytime of the day in Westport at Simply Breakfast. I always like eating in Westport because most of if not all of the places are unique and I feel like I am helping out businesses in need.  Anyways, Taylor & I got the french toast and breakfast quesadillas.  The quesadilla was a spinach wrap filled with peppers, mushrooms, eggs and whatever else you would like.  Probably my favorite part was the art on the walls that was for sale.

Food reviews by restaurant shall begin

Sushi at Ra.
So, I am realizing my sushi experiences tend to be the same because I usually order the same thing.  Spicy salmon or spicy tuna rolls.  They seem relatively healthy (but did you know most use mayonaise as the paste?  I had no idea) and don’t have any tempura/added cream cheese.  However, Jeff and I ventured over to Ra for their happy hour (similar atmosphere as Nara) which goes from 3-7!  He got the Las Vegas roll which was so good, I can’t even describe it.
My plain jane salmon roll next to Jeff’s compex Las Vegas roll.

Overall, fun atmosphere, great prices and I can see why this has been the most recommended sushi place in KC