Happy Gillis

Thursdays just might be my new favorite day.  Going to the River Market area and trying out new restaurants while still considered being in community clinical?  Yes.  So today we ventured through a foot of snow to get to Happy Gillis and was it worth it!  This place is so cute!  
If only you could see the cute couch we were on!


NOTE: Cute couch!
So other then the fact that this place is (as I may have mentioned) so stinking cute, it has an awesome menu as well!  Breakfast and lunch options and everything is fresh.  Kelly already knew what I would order and I knew what she would order (Squash & Ricotta sandwich for me, Chicken salad for her).  Other then the fact that it is very small (like all other River Market local places) we all enjoyed our food.  From butternut squash soup to delicious sandwiches this place was fabulous.
 Butternut squash, ricotta, carmelized onions, arugula, walnuts, oh my!



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