I was craving Mexican & Allison is so great about always being up for anything, so to the Waldo area we went.  Thanks to Urbanspoon (where was my life without this Ap?) we decided on Paparico’s – an award winnning Mexican Breakfast hotspot.  But how many places do you know that offer that?  Anyways, we were offered your traditional chips and salsa  and ended up getting the veggie burrito and the chicken/mushroom/spinach burrito.  Now like I said, a good cheese sauce can mask anything to greatness, but with that being said I really liked my c/m/s.  The beans and rice were nothing special either.  Now Allison’s burrito on the other hand was, interesting.  Our interpretation of a veggie burrito would include peppers, squash, etc.  Their interpretation was a bag of frozen vegetables.  The kind that includes green beans, corn, carrots and peas.  It still tasted well. 

All in all?  We will be looking for a new mexican spot, although the owner was great and made sure we got everything we wanted.

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