Where can we find authentic?



So at Don Bosco, we had the pleasure of meeting a Sicilian native.  We proceeded to ask her immediately about the best Italian place around, and she quickly said Anthony’s. After an exciting ‘windshield survey’ (which is an entirely different story including trips to the Vietnamese grocery store, a “real” mexican bakery, and visiting the projects..) we made our way to eat.  Now, whenever we leave the seniors, we are still in our scrubs so walking into the restaurant, we see people wearing nice clothes with a dimly lit dining room..aka we feel out of place.  Anyways, our table orders everything from raviolis, chicken spiedini, and eggplant parmesean.  
Snagged free dessert because we were nurses 🙂

I usually critique an Italian place based on the sauce.  The sauce here was simply tomatoes and olive oil, nothing more.  Because of that, nothing really stood out. The bread they offered with the meal was a type of sourdough, not my favorite either.  The best part of the meal was the desserts.  This was a nice, family owned place that we assumed was a favorite to our friend because that is what she knows and is comfortable with.  Our search for the best Italian will continue.


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