NCLEX was finished. And it was time for a celebration.  My go to is always, ‘let’s go to Chipotle!’ but then I thought about it and really wanted to try something new.  So it was between Smashburger and BRGR and so urbanspoon decided for us, BRGR has much better ratings.  So Jess & I split the OUT-N-IN burger- consisting of a burger filled with fontina, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions.  As well as the MANGIA which was topped with Parmesan crisp, a fried red-ripe tomato, garlic aioli all on a multi-grain bun.  We got the sweet potato fries and shakes (come on, it was a celebration after all).  The burgers were tasty, not quite Blanc, but still good.  The fries were not soaking in their own grease, but were a little heavy on the salt.  The shakes?  We could have done without them.  Definitely wouldn’t get them again.  We got to sit on the patio and enjoy the company of Prairie Village folks, which we hardly ever see so that was fun.  All in all, I was content with the burgers of BRGR.

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