Urban Table


Big news, I made my first ever Paula Deen recipe.  I know, and this one didn’t even require one stick of buttah either!  You must try.

IMAG1115.jpgIn other news, Allison and I went to a lovely dinner at Urban Table and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We began our meal with the napa valley salad (yes, it does taste as extravagant as it sounds) which consisted of a bed of romaine mixed with dates, golden beets, roasted peppers, goat cheese almonds and a pistachio vinaigrette.  Can I just say I don’t know how I haven’t really had beets and dates up until this past year?

IMAG1116.jpgWe then got a platter of “crusty bread” and Taleggio ( Italian soft cow milk) and Manchego (Spanish hard, nutty, sheep’s milk) which came with olive oil and orange marmalade dip.
The real treat was our mushroom risotto.  The mushrooms were incorporated into risotto along with butternut squash, leeks and pecorino romano.  The picture didn’t do it justice, sorry.

Rating of this place?  Love the atmosphere.  Bread & Butter Concepts have some great restaurants, BRGR is one, as well as the new one on the plaza which I hope to try soon. B&B’s are gastropubs and always have great recommendations about which food and drinks go together.  I love how their ambience is casual yet swag (this was our word of the night).  I was expecting more of a baguette with the breads instead of a grilled texas toast and the olive oil dipping sauce wasn’t very tasty.  The best cheese to me was the goat cheese on our salad, so creamy but not super tangy.  I believe the marmalade was homemade as it had a huge orange rind in it.  The menus change with the seasons so I will be back to try something again for sure.


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