Creations this year so far (transfer)

Creations this year
“Egg Salad”- avocados + smashed boiled egg
Chicken & Dumplings- will not make again
Real iced coffee (with cheesecloth & simple sugar)
Roasted veggie pizza.. Bad crust made with flax seed, an egg and parmesan cheese.
Sweet potato chili.
Favorite Trader Joe products…

These little flavor cubes are fun.
Fresh cilantro and basil in winter?  I think so
Peanut butter, greek yogurt, guac.
More favs
  • Cookie butter- SO dangerous.  Take a gingerbread cookie and puree it to nut butter form..
  • Sweet potato chips.
  • Coffee ice cream.
  • Sara Bee Moscato
  • Frozen gnocchi
  • Frozen black bean enchiladas
Not so favs?  Stay away from
  • Organic hummus- too gritty.  Odd aftertaste.
  • Multigrain fruit and nut cereal medley- tastes like cardboard.  And I like Fiber One, so that’s saying something
  • Lentil chips- Not enough flavor or crunch.
  • Chocolate covered potato chips. Yuck.
  • Original marinara sauce.  Too watery, not enough flavor.
 I am going to try the seaweed snacks when I go next (More iodine for my thyroid!)

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