Restaurant Week


This year was the first one where I finally took place in KC’s restaurant week.  We ended up going to The Tavern in Prairie Village which has been around for two years but I had never been.  Restaurant week is something several places around town are a part of and they have a lunch ($15) option or dinner ($30).  There are usually 3 different options for each of the 3 courses.  So we sampled the bruschetta (amazing pesto and balsalmic reduction), filet (atop a potato mound of heaven), and espresso brulee (um, amazing).  While I just ordered the ahi tuna salad (so hard for me to stray away from this since I haven’t been able to create it rare at home).  My salad was so-so, but everything from the 3 course prix fixe was awesome. 

Another new place was El Salvadorean, a place in cute downtown OP.  I got eggs and chorizo with avocado and peppers.  The chorizo was tasty and had just enough spice and was a great change up from normal breakfast food.  Allen tried his first pupusa there! 

Any tips for making Ahi Tuna at home?


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  1. Katie! I have no tips on ahi at home but I am so excited to have found your blog (via Twitter’s recommendation email)! Yum! This is so fun to browse. Wish I was in KC to go eating with you. 🙂

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