Restaurant week (cont)


Restaurant week is technically more than a mere 7 days (thank goodness!) It went for 9. And I went to two more places. And my tummy thanks me.

Second off on the trail was Westport Cafe, a cutesy little place in my fav part of KC. I went with 3 other girls (who are just as adventerous in ordering new food as I am) and we had quite the spread. My 3 course consisted of black truffle pasta (truffle oil could be a whole new post but I have grown to love it!), Atlantic Char atop spinach and green beans with a mustard glaze and espresso pot de creme (again). However, our table held dishes such as fresh Blue Point oysters, escargot (a first), roasted beet & arugula salad, baked ricotta with goat cheese and honey (the best thing on the table, we all agreed), and terrine (another first). Wow, wow, wow. This restaurant definitely impressed.

The last stop was Webster House next to the beautiful Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. This place is so cool! It used to be an old school and has a lot of the original woodwork. Be sure to go if you have not. This dinner gave you an option of either salmon atop a risotto or pork ragu. Both were so very good, I love seeing how different places serve salmon. The appetizer was a choice of potato soup or salad and dessert was creme brulee. Can I just say I got my cream fix for restaurant week? Plus I tried three new stops in this wonderful city. Win-win indeed.

Next on the list, traveling to other cities to try their restaurant weeks, who is with me? 🙂


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