Coopers Hawk


A winery + a fabulous restaurant is the best of both worlds. Coopers Hawk, which opened on the plaza boasts that they make fabulous wine and then think of great food to pair with it. I have been twice now, and will go back many more times because of several reasons.

1) They great you with a complimentary taste of wine at the door. The last one was red or white house wine with mulled spices, served warm. Such a toasty, wintery drink.

2) They have a winery with tastings on the bottom floor and sell their wines by the bottle for not too pricey. One of my favorites was a sweet one, Romance Red. Mom got a bottle of their plum (sounds weird but it was actually good!)

3) All the food I have stole off other people’s plates tried has been phenomenal. From the Napa Salad (please do yourself a favor and get this), wine braised short ribs with risotto and truffle oil, asian pork medallions, bacon wrapped scallops, Y.U.M.

This is a “chain”, mostly centered in the midwest, so really no matter where you are, you should make the trip.


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