Washington DC


This is horribly late, but better late than never I guess.

Washington DC. A city of history, for sure. I wish I could have had more time to experience the different areas of the city, with their specific tastes, but we didn’t have a rental car so we did what our feet let us.

My (probable) favorite area of DC was DuPont Circle. For you Kansas Citians, it has a Westport feel, as in anything goes. It has quite a few dive bars and some parks where the homeless will gather. One late night we tried to find a unique place to eat and at first saw the Russia House. None of us had ever had Russian food but the elegant looking inside and steep prices made our sweaty feet feel a little out of place. So on we went. We ended up eating French at Bistro du Coin. Dishes around the table included Boeuf Bourguignon, seafood ravioli (French?) and roasted whole chicken. I had a cocktail with champagne and elderflower syrup. The Bourguignon was sadly simple. It tasted like a cafeteria noodle concoction from gradeschool, but then again maybe it is supposed to take you back? It was my first time trying it, and with all the hype Julia Child gives it I also discovered elderflower syrup is WAY too sweet for my taste.

I wish I could have made it ShopHouse, an asian like Chipotle. After going to Roti in Chicago (which sadly still is the closest location to KC), I have been all for any “Chipotle-styled” joints.

Of course we made it to China town, and frequented a small, nothing too special, obviously not that memorable joint.

One of my favorite events was Jazz in the Garden outside the National Gallery of Art. They had sangria pitchers, live music and art sculptures. Perfect picnic set-up.

Brunch is a huge thing in DC. We went to Sign of the Whale which of course had a Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar. brunch

Our time in Alexandria (which is a nice tourist area) was spent walking along great shops and then down to the water. We tried seafood at Fish Market, where mom tried Maine lobster…verdict? Don’t get Maine lobster if you are on the opposite coast.
lobster It was an alright place, not too fancy or spectacular. Our Italian dinner was spent at a place I can’t remember the name of. It was very authentic, and we tried a variety of delicious things. fett

My cousin Levi, the native, recommended we check out Ben’s Chili Bowl since president Obama had been there recently, along with many other celebs. Known for their chili dogs, we went and weren’t too impressed. The fries, dogs and chili were just “eh.” http://www.benschilibowl.com/ordereze/Gallery/7/Photos.aspx#

I tried Mexican City street corn for the first time and loved it! Something about grilling the corn gives it such a unique flavor and the addition of cheese and butter never makes anything worse (okay well maybe your coronary arteries)corn

One of the most “fresh” restaurants we went to was Founding Farmers. Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere. I had a selection of deviled eggs ( they had lobster, crab, smoked salmon or regular as their options) and a salad. All around the table we sampled different sandwiches, soups and lovely desserts.

chick Just look at those cute sweet potatoes!!

I think Carina got “The Millionaire” cocktail which had Kubler absinthe, Gin, lemon juice and a raw egg. Somehow someone thought that would be a good idea?

So, if you’re going to DC, obviously have brunch. Go try a different ethnicity typed food. And out of all the places we went, try Founding Fathers!


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