The great cinnamon roll search…


The cinnamon roll is one of my most favorite desserts…if it is done right. It has to have the perfect amount of icing, a moist interior, and not too flaky of an exterior for me. After finding an article boasting about the “Best cinnamon rolls in KC!” I immediately read it and then realized it was about 3 years old so more than (sadly) half of the places had closed. So I figured it was time to investigate on my own.

For the first 2 years I lived in KC, I don’t think I had the money from being a poor nursing student a single roll! The first one to my memory was from the Corner Cafe in Independence. The rolls are HUGE. We sampled one of the caramel pecan and the original to which they poured a good half pound of icing on top of. While the size is impressive, even with all the icing, they tend to be a little on the dry side.

The next one I had was from Neighbor’s Cafe in downtown Lee’s Summit. Their rolls come complimentary with breakfast so I couldn’t complain too much!

Next up, Stroud’s. Firstly, if you have never been to have their fried chicken…go! Oh my goodness, it has made so many national lists on the best friend chicken and while I only indulge in it once or twice a year, it is so very worth it! Anyways, they have cinnamon blocks rolls that come afterwards that are very dense and covered with an insane amount of cinnamon sugary streusel.

Dolce Baking Company in Prairie Village was my next stop. Oh the smells that greet you when you walk into this adorable place. Ah. Their dough is so very tasty, but once again since I love my icing, I could of used a tad more. IMG_20130531_082953_997

My favorite so far, has been from Best Regard’s Bakery & Cafe in Overland Park. Their roll has this (as my little cousin said) ‘cinnamon soup’ that keeps the roll moist throughout. So yum. Plus their sandwiches and salads are wonderful!

Lastly, my neighborhood bakery, McLain’s has a delightful welcoming smell that invites you in once you are on the outside sidewalk.

So tell me, what is your favorite KC cinnamon roll?


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