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Farm to table restaurants in Kansas City


I LOVE farm to table restaurants. To experience food at the freshest point, with a constantly changing menu and servers who really take the time to explain everything to you is the best. Out of the 7 (from or again 7 from (I actually don’t believe either of those lists, I think there are some restaurants not included, but I don’t know exactly the Farm to Market qualifying radius) in KC, I have been to 3. At the beginning of summer, I took my parents to Rye. Rye has such a beautiful patio, and all of our dinners were stellar. Their dishes are all takes on types of comfort food and ours included, a burger, shrimp and grits and salmon. IMG_20130525_191456_737


The next visit was to Farmhouse in City Market. I have dined there for both brunch and dinner and would have to say my brunch experience surpassed dinner by far. For brunch, I had the french press coffee and veggie benedict, thanks to my waiter’s great recommendation. Their take on the benedict didn’t use a traditional hollandaise which made it great for me! With dinner, I tried the gazpacho and beet salad, local cheeses, as well as some local wines. The gazpacho wasn’t a hit around the table, but the cheese pairings were nice, as well as the flat crackers that came with it.IMG_20130817_190411_949

The most recent trip was to Pig & Finch for brunch. I saw lemon ricotta pancakes on the menu, and since I’ve never tried them before, I figured now was the time, especially since you could get a half order. Honestly, I thought they might be a little more creamy and lemony, but sadly just tasted like a regular old pancake. The bacon and maple syrup I stole from my poor dining partner (shocker) were delicious.Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 1.05.15 AM


I’m not sure where my ‘technically’ first FTT restaurant was, but I am now hooked. Urbanspooning restaurants in other cities is now much easier, I just click the farm to table option and it always tends to bring great results.

One last non-KC place was on our trip to Kauai. Oasis on the Beach was beautiful. IMG_20130413_180952_973

I can’t get those purple potatoes or that view out of my head.


Wineries of Missouri


I know what you are thinking. Wineries are in vacation spots, not near me! At least that’s what I always thought. I am here to tell you, if you look a little, you might be pleasantly surprised!

The very first Missouri winery I went to was Stonehaus Winery in Lee’s Summit.JPEG

This is a beautiful winery inside and out, with a gazebo and pond in the back. I left with a bottle of the Traminette, a Gew├╝rztraminer hybrid.

Next was a haunted venue, Belvoir in Liberty. Apparently this old hospital and children’s home has occurrences where lights come on randomly and noises are heard. Luckily when we were there, nothing too out of the ordinary happened. 252716_664338828578_1781624206_n

The next one(s) were on a road trip heading east. First stop was in Rocheport at Les Bourgeois. Their wine is actually pretty easy to find in stores, including my favorite Riverboat Red, a great sweet one.

In Hermann, the options were endless! I would have to say my favorite was Adam’s Puchta. They have a Jazzy Berry which is a super sweet raspberry flavor and Berry Black which is obviously blackberry. They also do a great red, Hunter’s Red.481805_4153777521425_1557965663_n

These are the closest ones I have been to on the Missouri side. I plan on going to Jowler’s Creek in Platte City soon when they do a “green farm” tour, as well as a wedding reception at Amigoni Urban Winery in downtown KC! Also on the soon-to-do bucket list is a little trip to Weston.

** Edited 2014 to include

Pirtle Winery in Weston

Jowler’s Creek in Platte City