Farm to table restaurants in Kansas City


I LOVE farm to table restaurants. To experience food at the freshest point, with a constantly changing menu and servers who really take the time to explain everything to you is the best. Out of the 7 (from or again 7 from (I actually don’t believe either of those lists, I think there are some restaurants not included, but I don’t know exactly the Farm to Market qualifying radius) in KC, I have been to 3. At the beginning of summer, I took my parents to Rye. Rye has such a beautiful patio, and all of our dinners were stellar. Their dishes are all takes on types of comfort food and ours included, a burger, shrimp and grits and salmon. IMG_20130525_191456_737


The next visit was to Farmhouse in City Market. I have dined there for both brunch and dinner and would have to say my brunch experience surpassed dinner by far. For brunch, I had the french press coffee and veggie benedict, thanks to my waiter’s great recommendation. Their take on the benedict didn’t use a traditional hollandaise which made it great for me! With dinner, I tried the gazpacho and beet salad, local cheeses, as well as some local wines. The gazpacho wasn’t a hit around the table, but the cheese pairings were nice, as well as the flat crackers that came with it.IMG_20130817_190411_949

The most recent trip was to Pig & Finch for brunch. I saw lemon ricotta pancakes on the menu, and since I’ve never tried them before, I figured now was the time, especially since you could get a half order. Honestly, I thought they might be a little more creamy and lemony, but sadly just tasted like a regular old pancake. The bacon and maple syrup I stole from my poor dining partner (shocker) were delicious.Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 1.05.15 AM


I’m not sure where my ‘technically’ first FTT restaurant was, but I am now hooked. Urbanspooning restaurants in other cities is now much easier, I just click the farm to table option and it always tends to bring great results.

One last non-KC place was on our trip to Kauai. Oasis on the Beach was beautiful. IMG_20130413_180952_973

I can’t get those purple potatoes or that view out of my head.


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