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Six for Sunday


I know Five for Friday is popular but it’s Sunday and I have time to write, so six for Sunday it is.

Six things that make me happy

1.  I have waited until today, November 24th to start listening to Christmas music.  That is HUGE for me, since I am usually an advocate of November 1st.  It started at H&M when I heard a new rendition of some Christmas tune and I once it started, I couldn’t stop.

2.Image My little chalkboard that I am changing up for the seasons.  I took down all my Thanksgiving decorations today and put Christmas ones up since there is only a month for them to be up now.

3. This cute saying.  Image And anything burlap.  Speaking of, I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday, waiting in the longgggggest of lines.  It was finally my turn and I realize I left my wallet at home, so I run out to my car, grab what cash I had and ended up being $3 short.  I felt my face turn red with embarrassment as I took something out of my bag to not buy when the lady behind me gave me the extra money.  She brushed it off as no big deal saying, “That would probably only buy me a soda anyway!” So now I am on a mission to pay it forward.  Thanks, kind lady!

4.Image Classy peacock plates.  I couldn’t justify getting them since I love serving on plates that showcase the food, not the plate.  

5.  Thanksgiving is this week.  The parade, the waking up to the smell of cooked turkey, the mashed potatoes, the card games, the family that gathers.  The best.

6.  This locally roasted coffee served at the Knoxville Farmers Market.ImageWhen people take the time to do things slower, for example, a pour over coffee, the results usually are amazing.  I have myself a little french press at home now which brings me to my next topic…

Six items on my Christmas list

1.ImageAn espresso maker with milk steamer attachment.  This little guy is at Target on sale for $29 and I might just have to go snatch it up.


2.Image Leopard umbrella from Target.  Any and all leopard! (And owls…and birds…)


Cozy infinity scarf from Target

4.Image A burberry scarf


This bag is pretty, I’ve seen it in person, but I’d rather spend $300 on a plane ticket. 

6. Image This pullover!  It has been discontinued and makes me so sad.  If anyone found it, it’d be a Christmas miracle 🙂


Also looking for the perfect green utility jacket and black riding boots. Both have proven hard to find.

If you can’t tell, the Target is less than half a mile from my house…


Update: I found a green jacket 🙂

I also found this lovelyA3ZY_BH6_hero


The best Pad Thai in KC


I don’t remember the first time I had pad thai but I know ever since my taste buds encountered the delicious combination of flavors, it became something I would begin to crave.  There are about 13 different Thai restaurants in the KC metro and the search has been going for the past several years.  My mom and I have similar palates and both tend to prefer what we know to be as the “traditional” sauce, not too sweet, not too vinegary.  I love the addition of fresh cilantro, chopped peanuts and crisp bean sprouts to a steaming plate of noodles, where she could do without the cilantro (so thanks Dad, for liking cilantro!)

I’ll tell you all the Thai restaurants I have frequented in the KC metro and surrounding areas.

  • Zen Zero & Encore in Lawrence:  To me, their sauce has an almost ketchup-like flavor and is my least favorite
  • Thailand Restaurant in Blue Springs
  • Thai Place (2 of the 3 locations)
  • Lulu’s in the Crossroads (their plate may look like it’s lacking color, but the flavor is there!
  • Thai House- I actually got this as take out and the sauce was too sweet so I added more fish sauce and cilantro once I was at my house…
  • Sweet Siam in Shawnee: Wanted more garnish, this one wasn’t served with cilantro, sad
  • Tuptin Thai in Topeka: Very good, my parents frequent this a lot!  3rd place for me
  • Pei Wei- While this isn’t technically a Thai Restaurant, it has my runner up vote.  It includes pieces of tofu which one (mother) would think were mushrooms, well played!
  • Thai Orchid:  This unassuming little restaurant in a strip mall packs some delicious flavor into their sauce and they have all the appropriate garnishes.  Winner



What is your favorite Thai restaurant?