The best Pad Thai in KC


I don’t remember the first time I had pad thai but I know ever since my taste buds encountered the delicious combination of flavors, it became something I would begin to crave.  There are about 13 different Thai restaurants in the KC metro and the search has been going for the past several years.  My mom and I have similar palates and both tend to prefer what we know to be as the “traditional” sauce, not too sweet, not too vinegary.  I love the addition of fresh cilantro, chopped peanuts and crisp bean sprouts to a steaming plate of noodles, where she could do without the cilantro (so thanks Dad, for liking cilantro!)

I’ll tell you all the Thai restaurants I have frequented in the KC metro and surrounding areas.

  • Zen Zero & Encore in Lawrence:  To me, their sauce has an almost ketchup-like flavor and is my least favorite
  • Thailand Restaurant in Blue Springs
  • Thai Place (2 of the 3 locations)
  • Lulu’s in the Crossroads (their plate may look like it’s lacking color, but the flavor is there!
  • Thai House- I actually got this as take out and the sauce was too sweet so I added more fish sauce and cilantro once I was at my house…
  • Sweet Siam in Shawnee: Wanted more garnish, this one wasn’t served with cilantro, sad
  • Tuptin Thai in Topeka: Very good, my parents frequent this a lot!  3rd place for me
  • Pei Wei- While this isn’t technically a Thai Restaurant, it has my runner up vote.  It includes pieces of tofu which one (mother) would think were mushrooms, well played!
  • Thai Orchid:  This unassuming little restaurant in a strip mall packs some delicious flavor into their sauce and they have all the appropriate garnishes.  Winner



What is your favorite Thai restaurant?


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