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#26. Go to a cooking class

Megan & I went to a sauce making class at the Culinary Center of Kansas City.  We had a lot of fun making bechamel, hollandaise, and tomato vodka cream sauce.  We cooked alongside other “couples” and the chef came by to critique our skills (and was impressed with our Hollandaise 🙂 )



I have leftovers for days now!



Food trends 2013


I recently read an interesting article about the food trends of 2013 and another one about the projected ones for 2014.  2013 brought us (the Midwest) an increase in kale, gluten free options, juicing, calorie count on menus, and farm to table restaurants.  Throughout the country, cronuts were on the rise (but I never saw any in KC), restaurants featuring Ramen (including this one in Lawrence), and still…cupcakes.

Apparently, 2014 will bring us an increase in cauliflower, freekah will be the new quinoa, 

and locavores will become even more popular.

Any trends you have noticed?



2013 in terms of food trends, found a huge surge in juicing.  I remember around February, 4 of my coworkers were talking about buying some type of a juicer.  Once summer hit, we were all sharing different recipes and what could be disguised (kale, spinach, carrots) in the juice while still tasting great!  My interest was piqued and I first tried a juice at The Filling Station.  Image

I tried the Ruby Sipper (Beet, grapefruit, apple) and loved how refreshing it was.  

The next place I was so excited to try was T Loft.  This place has a wide array of juices, smoothies, teas and yummy snacks. Image

I think this was the Mean & Clean (orange, ginger, carrot, apple, lemon, parsley)

I have made my own at home Image


I have also tried out a wheatgrass shot at Cafe Gratitude, (word to the wise, do NOT try these on an empty stomach…)

Then, today I tried out Robeks.  I had the Crisp Kiwi (Kiwi, apple, parsley, and cucumber).  I didn’t take a picture because the juice turned out, well, brown.. ha.  Not very picturesque.  

I usually don’t review chain places like Juice Stop (which I’ve tried in Topeka) and Smoothie King, but I’ve tried those as well.

Other places that have freshly made juice in the KC area that I haven’t tried yet:  Coffee Girls & Succotash. 

Do you like juice?  Where do you like to go?