Nope 24.6 isn’t some crazy number of miles I have ran lately (or ever), it is my current age and a reflection of my past year and what I’ve learned.  I decided to make a list of things I have learned this past year  (inspired by Jess) and will later make one for the upcoming year.

20 things I have accomplished this past year

1. Became a teacher/preceptor to new graduate nurses

2. Cooked ahi tuna successfully

3. Did one successful pullup without help

4. Stay commited to Body Pump for 1 year (crossed off last month!)

5. Explored 2 new states (Hawaii & Tennessee) 


6. Inspired my night crew at work to try yoga (and helped one with MS significantly.  That was such an awesome moment)

7. Completed multiple Pinterest projects


8. Ran some 5ks without back pain. And got 1st in my age group! 


9. Threw a successful Halloween Party with costumes (first time ever!) and reconnect with a dear, dear, dear friend.

10. Learned the art of the french press and locally roasted coffee.

11. Played Adele’s Someone Like You on the piano

12. Experienced what it is like to live out of your car for a month (not an accomplishment I ever want to do again!)

13. Went out to eat by myself (only to be asked multiple times if I am waiting on someone)

14. Painted a picture that actually looks good, thanks to some help!)


15.  Learned more about the juicing technique and paleo diet and went to a conference one night listening to doctors speak about it.

16.  Tried Zumba (disliked it), but learned how to successfully shimmy

17.  Read 9 books.  I would have to say my favorites were Gone Girl The Violets of March.  The Husband’s Secret too.  Check out my Goodreads if you’d like!

18. Made a professional resume, for whatever the future may hold

19.  Invested money

20.  Showed kindness when everything in me felt like doing the opposite.  I hope this one can be on my list every year!

What are some things you learned this year?


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