Making : Green smoothies lately (spinach, banana, pb, flax seeds, chia seeds, milk)

Prepare for coworkers to ask if you’re drinking pond water…

Cooking : Chicken sausage vegetable soup
Drinking : Green tea currently


Reading : Waiting for my next book to become available from the library


Wanting : Warm weather

Looking: Out at my confused patient trying to climb out of bed

Wasting: Precious sunlight hours by sleeping 😦

Enjoying:  the fact that we have a holiday breakfast at work this morning!

Waiting: To spend some much needed time with a dear friend in a few weeks

Liking: Big Bang Theory, always

Wondering: what compels people to be so rude

Loving: That Christmas equals family time for everyone

Hoping: That I will be on day shift very soon

Marveling: At how things really do work themselves out

Needing: To stock my fridge

Smelling: Vanilla Noel lotion…yum!

Wearing: Scrubs

Noticing: How powerful songs are to affect your mood

Knowing: that I’ve learned a lot the past 2.5 years as a RN

Feeling: excited for weekend off work

Opening: Christmas letters!  I LOVE getting letters in the mail!

Thanks for the fun, Gina!



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