101 things in 1001 days (the half version)



Coming up with 50 was hard enough! So, 50 things in 500 days

Start date: Dec 16, 2013

End date: April 30, 2015

1. Do a winery 5k or 10k…Napa anyone?

2. Put another stamp on my passport

3. Make homemade bread successfully

4. Write 3 love letters

5. See Jason Mraz in concert

6. See Joshua Radin in concert

7. Go zip-lining

8. Find a way to like Brussel sprouts

9. Pick apples in an orchard

10. Host a big brunch at my home for friends

11. Run with local running group

12. Try hot yoga

13. Visit all the restaurants on my wishlist

14. Take a dancing class

15. Visit 5 new cities I’ve never been to before

16. Have a celebrity spotting

17. Make it so I’ve seen 2% of the world via my map 

18. Try acupuncture

19. Learn another new song on the piano

20. Write a letter to my 26 year old self to open then

21. Throw a surprise party for a friend

22. See a live taping of a show

23. Go to Martha’s Vineyard

24. Go to I AM Yoga in Tulsa

25. Visit Jeff in Boston during the fall

26. Go to a cooking class

27. Cook a whole chicken

28. Volunteer

29. Celebrate Mardi Gras

30. Do a successful yoga handstand

31. Do the eight angle pose

32. See another Broadway show

33. Be a bridesmaid

34. Put a heart design in my latte

35. Find a coffee class and attend it

36. Visit Glacier National Park

37. Have a sushi making party

38. Capture the sunrise and sunset in one day

39. Make homemade pasta

40. Hold a plank for 3 minutes (I’ve honestly never timed myself on how long I can)

41.  Do 60 pushups without a break

42. Create a meal with only Farmers Market purchases

43. Make 3 new Pinterest projects

44. Watch someone who knows how to make cinnamon rolls do it right

45. Visit Taste of Chicago (or some city) & Taste of Kansas City 2014

46. Go Paleo for a whole week

47. Inspire someone to buy a prius

48. Visit the dermatologist

49. Watch 3 new documentaries

50. Be able to understand Obamacare enough to talk about it


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