Grand Street Cafe




I love brunch.  The concept of having your biggest meal at the beginning of the day makes total sense.  Plus, it’s light outside and the drinks that go alongside the food- coffee, juice, mimosas, bloody marys, love them all.  My parents and I are going to try and make it more of a tradition to do a Sunday brunch, trying out a new to us place every so often.  So far we have attended Cafe Sebastienne which was inside of the Kemper Art museum.  The food and atmosphere were awesome.  Next, we tried out Grand Street Cafe.  Their brunch concept is a set price which includes your “appetizer and dessert” buffet as well as your choice of entree.  The appetizers were incredible.  The spread included fresh fruit, grilled vegetables, salmon salad, shrimp, tossed salad and desserts ranging from creme brulee, pecan bars and cinammon rolls. I definitely want to go back for dinner sometime to try out more of their selection!


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