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5 things Friday (#2)

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.18.35 PM

So much to catch up on!

1. Last week was Kansas City Restaurant Week and with my work schedule I was only really able to go to one place, North with the fam.  This was a more modern Italian restaurant and in such a cute atmosphere. We all enjoyed our dishes (even though mom and I switched), I enjoyed the pork tenderloin atop white polenta.  Yum.


2.  Another new place I tried was Frida’s.  They are a very authentic Mexican restaurant, boasting dishes straight out of Mexico City such as Chile en Nogada.  Nogal in spanish is Walnut tree, and this dish focused on the walnuts, making a sauce out of them along with sweet steak and pomegranates.  It was an interesting try!  Their fish tacos were also amazing.

3.  I have been to 3 acupuncture sessions now for my back pain and I can honestly say it has improved!  I am a firm believer in preventative care and have loved learning more about Chinese Medicine.  My treatment yesterday involved cupping (with air, not fire) and moxibustion as well.  (Don’t worry mom, click the links to see it’s not that scary)

4. The past 2 Sundays have been full of some sunshine so the dog park was absolutely packed.  I took the quiz asking which dog you were and got a Shibu Inu.  It’s funny because Allen and I were talking about one at the dog park and how well mannered it was.


Hey sun, want to stick around awhile?

5.  I had heard about a place in KC where you can learn lots of info on coffee, so yesterday I checked out About the Coffee which was so much fun.  They teach you about the locally roasted coffees and demonstrate any method of brewing you could ever imagine.  I found out they also do latte art classes on Saturday so I am excited to try that out soon and check another item off my list!  Speaking of coffee, a new coffee shop opens today literally 2 blocks away from me.  Dangerous?

My dad is coming into town tonight and we are going to see Alton Brown, one of our fav celebs, I am soooo excited!


Tyt (Treat yourself Tuesday!)


Hellooooo Tuesday!


This past week, I have had a glorious amount of time off. I had been on the look for some leather leggings and finally found some!  This pic is small and not showing detail but these have little gold zippers at the ankles that I love.

This past Saturday I attended my first ever body pump release…in January…and it was PACKED.  As you can see, I was pushed up super close to the mirror and I don’t think one more person could have fit in!  This release was really hard for triceps and shoulders, anyone else agree??  And, the music…it just stops abruptly on a lot of the songs, weird.


I tried some new recipes too!


Don’t mind that plethora of bananas, I have a plan for them

I also tried a couple new restaurants in the area!  When we went to Jasper’s, we had to try out Paul Rudd’s favorite dish.IMG_20140111_195054_401 Jasper himself came to our table and talked with us.  Being the foodie I am, I was a little star struck and of course the rest of the table got a good laugh at that 🙂

My mom came up today and she got a massage (I will get mine tomorrow due to scheduling issues) and then we went out for my favorite pad thai!  I was ravished after my cycling class earlier in the morning and basically inhaled it.  So yum.

And who can forget the addiction that is Monday nights…Juan Pablo on the Bachelor.  Guilty.  I’m hooked for this season!

On another subject,  Go Blog Social is in KC this year and I’m thinking about going!

Any midwestern bloggers planning on going???