Treat yourself Tuesday


Well hello Tuesday.

Let’s get right down to it.  This week started with two bloodys.  #sorrynotsorry #neededafternightshift


What is your favorite bloody mary topper?  In the midwest, we keep it pretty standard… olives, pickles, bacon.  I read an article talking about all the different garnishes across the US…crab, sliders,doughnuts!  and it makes me want to travel (like always).

It also consisted of catching up with an old friend.  First time seeing chicken&waffles in action


Andddd making a lunch for work that got lots of looks #nothingnew.  Try this salad!  I added black rice vermicelli that turn  purple once cooked!


Due to the horribly cold weather, I plan on being lazy and watching Rachael Ray who is currently talking about her favorite fridge products.  Go ahead, tell me you are not excited to hear what she has to say.  Try.

How are you treating yourself today?



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  1. Thank you for linking up, Katie! I love me a good Bloody 😉 Cheese, salami and blue cheese-stuffed olives are my toppings of choice – oh and a stick of bacon to use as a stirrer… I’m not high maintenance or anything, hehe!

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