What a weekend


This weekend was the first wedding celebration of the year and I was super excited for the road trip to St. Louis (Treatyoself weekend!)  It has been awhile since I’ve been out of KC and I always love exploring new places.  I made an itinerary (love making those lists) but due to the weather and everyones love for weekend brunch, we had to change it up a little.  Saturday morning we got to Columbia and had plans on eating at Cafe Berlin but since they didn’t make reservations and were packed we drove downtown to see what we could find.  Within 100 feet we saw three different coffee shops and I was in love.  My favorite (we tried two different places) was a new place that just opened 2 weeks ago called Shortwave Coffee.  It was set in an alley and reminded me of the new place by my house!  You can tell when a coffee shop is serious about making their coffee great when they don’t have milk and sugar out to doctor  your coffee with.  I got a latte and it was delicious. IMG_20140301_103330_487 For breakfast I got a breakfast burrito from Main Squeeze.  It was filled with spinach, avocados, eggs and an awesome homemade salsa.


After almost running out of gas :/ we made it to Arnold, Mo for the wedding!  After the ceremony we had a couple hours before the reception so I wanted to get out and see some of the city.  We drove to STL and went to the World Fair Pavillion which was in Forest Park, which is one of the largest urban parks, even bigger than Central Park in NY! The park reminded me somewhat of Balboa Park in San Diego.  Somewhat. 🙂

IMG_20140301_162353_638-1                   IMG_20140301_163912_022

We drove around to see the WashU and SLU campuses as well.


We went back to the hotel which served us free cocktails and “evening food” (processed food city!) and spent some time with friends before heading to the reception.  We made another stop in Columbia for lunch on the way back at Kaldi’s coffee.  I was commenting on how in KC we need a coffee shop that has great food as well like this place does.  Then today I saw an announcement that the LatteLand in KC is going to change to Kaldi.  I don’t think that will change their food selection though.

IMG_20140302_101738_039All in all it was a great weekend, minus the drive home.. the winter storm tacked on an additional two hours to our drive time as well as a severe amount of anxiety due to seeing 50+ accidents.  



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  1. I love your comment about the park reminding you of Balboa Park in San Diego. Having lived in San Diego for 5 years, I can see why you made that comment. I totally agree. 🙂 Your breakfast burrito sounded delicious. Yum!

  2. Awww… it looks like you had the BEST weekend! Two random things – I went to SLU my freshman year of college. Hated it but I was there 😉 And two I am having a girl’s weekend in KC this weekend! I can’t wait to do some exploring and shopping 🙂

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