Larabar bites


Energy bites are all the rage, and with good reason because they are tasty and you know what goes into them!  I have seen lots of inspiration for different bites, and after trying quite a few Larabars, I wanted to try recreating them at home.  I love all things peanut butter and eat it frequently with apples, oatmeal, or most frequently a spoon :), so I switched it up and tried these Almond Joy Energy Bites.  So good!  Even coworker approved 🙂


After making these, I started looking onto the backs of some of my favorite Larabars and have some ideas for future bites, including Lemonbars, Keylime bars, and of course the peanut butter jelly ones.

This was my first time using dates in a recipe and I am loving how you can use the natural sugar occurring in the fruit instead of adding it!

Any favorite energy snacks you love?


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