Exploring MO mo’


This past week I have added a couple more restaurants and coffee shops to the list including

*Hattie’s Fine Coffee   IMG_20140316_130734_426

*Thomas                          IMG_20140311_181225_448

*Tannin Wine Bar       IMG_20140315_183123_244

* The Rieger Hotel      1394939421646

…and every single place was phenomenal!  I loved the attention to detail the waiter gave us at The Rieger Hotel, I am not known for my decisiveness (ha!) and he really helped me find a drink I enjoyed, which turned out to be the Rieger Missouri Mule, a simple combination of ginger soda, vodka, lime and their own crystalized ginger.  It’s not the same as our state cocktail (this is a fun little list of state signature cocktails!).  Since it was Allison’s birthday, we figured she had to try some Absinthe and the bartender brought over the drink served in the traditional style of lighting a sugar cube on fire then pouring water over the warmed sugar + absinthe.  I had never tried it before and it was a combo of black licorice with a spearmint note at the end.

My parents and I also took a tour of Jowler’s Creek Winery, which is Missouri’s first green winery and it was so fun!  I learned a lot from the owner about how the acidity of your food can affect the way the wine tastes and vice versa.  High acidity foods can make some pretty plain reds taste sweeter and he had us try this by sucking on a lemon then trying the wine again.  It was noticeably different!


We started the day with an Irish breakfast of bangers and potatoes with peppers and avocado along with some Irish music, then toured the winery and walked around Parkville a little afterwards.


Jackson wanted his own plate!

Parkville was kind of a let down with there only being some antique stores, restaurants, the Park campus, and not much more to offer.  There was a cute wine shop that had these amazing smelling Cabernet candles that I’m going to be on the lookout for now 🙂


Did you do anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day weekend?



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