My caffeine journey


This August marked my fifth year in Kansas City!  During my time here, I have enjoyed seeing the progression of formerly only coastal dining options becoming available to us in the midwest, transportation ideas (here’s to you KC streetcar) and the growth of the coffee community.  When I moved into my little piece of Kansas City in 2009 I was really close to one of the most well known coffee shops, The Roasterie.  However, I had not acquired the taste for the beauty of a well crafted cup of coffee and never frequented the place.  Fast forward a couple years (where working nights was included) and caffeine became more of a necessity.  I delved into the world of tea- saying Sayonara to Lipton and discovering how to brew loose leaf. I toured the Celestial Seasoning’s Factory in Boulder, CO and then started learning about organic.

Then I wanted more.  I started out brewing my frozen (strike 1), pre-ground (strike 2) coffee in an automatic machine (strike 3).  I hated the taste so I added creamer.  And I still didn’t like it.  THEN, I discovered locally roasted coffee and my tastebuds did quite the happy dance.  All this to say, the past year I have researched, chatted with the pros (my local coffee shop baristas), and watched numerous YouTube videos about the art of home brewing.

First, I traded in my blade grinder (which works perfectly well now for spices) for a burr grinder.  This gave me the option of how fine or coarse I wanted my beans.  Which was great because I also bought a French press.  And an Aeropress.  And a Clever.  All requiring different grind size.  Then I got a goose neck temperature controlled kettle for that water that is definitely in the 195-205 range, no more guessing.  To finish off, I got an airtight canister for those whole beans.

Right now in the heat of the summer, my dad and I have been enjoying cold brew.  Doing a little searching on it, I discovered the smoother taste comes from the fact that since it isn’t heated the oils and tannins are not being released.  There are coffee shops popping up everywhere in the Kansas City area and I am just loving the different personalities of them all.


My first PSL (pumpkin spice latte) of the year from Kaldi’s. It was made with legit pumpkin and maple syrup. Boy was it good!

Where is your favorite KC coffee shop?


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  1. Katie! I am so proud of you! You know coffee. Since PT’s caught me here in Topeka I have been ruined for ordinary coffee. You probably know that there is PT’s at Crossroads in KC now (SW Blvd). I just spent some time today with Holly Bastin who writes technical articles on espresso in Coffee Magazines; she coached Pete Licata who won the international Barista Competition in Melbourne, Australia last year. (Pete coached this year’s winner and Holly coached the winner of 4th place.)
    By the way, Holly and I had coffee at Quay coffee on Delaware just east of the River Market. Pete works for Parisi Coffee (although he and Holly are starting a consulting business). We need to connect for coffee some time in KC — I was in KC three out of the last four days.
    Pr. Pete

    • Hello Pastor Pete! Thanks for your comment, it made my day! I have wanted to check out the PT’s here in KC but haven’t made it there yet, I hear their nitro infused drink is something to try. I would love to meet up with you sometime.

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