Fall is here!


Fall is definitely my favorite season.  I love the smell of bonfires, the beauty of tree lined streets and the new flavors that come out.  I made a trip to Bath & Body Works to grab some new candles- Leaves & Autumn are my favorites!


I finally made it to Sakura, a restaurant known for having a sushi train.  It was fun to be able to grab whatever sushi looked tasty to you as it passed by!


It had been far too long since I had been back to my college town Manhattan, Kansas, and it made me miss it so much!  I of course tried a new coffee shop and ending up having a lot of mutual friends with one of the owners!  I played my first attempt at chess and sampled one of Varsity Donuts famous creations.


Check out all those sprinkle options!

manhattan This past weekend, a group of people I work with did a 5k for one of our coworkers whose dad passed away from colon cancer earlier this year.  It was so awesome to see all the support present.  Afterwards we hit up Louie’s Wine Dive for brunch which included bottomless mimosas (hello grapefruit and champagne!) The rest of the weekend was spent people watching at the Plaza Art Fair, one of my favorite events of the year.  There are several food and drink vendors, so more fun drinks and food (lobster tacos!) were eaten.



Sunday, there was an event called Strut with your Mutt which I have done with Jackson in the past, and he enjoyed it just as much this year. 20140921_091454-EFFECTS (1)My Instagram is sure to be full of more autumn-esque shots the next coming weeks, so follow along 🙂



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