Today is a gift


Yoga has been in full swing this week!  As I mentioned last week, I bought some classes at a local studio and started out my first class with some hot yoga!  It was hot, but not too hot that I felt I would pass out (which was my fear going in).  The next day, I walked to a nearby park that offered weekend yoga.  Three others plus myself was the perfect amount of people for a great nature sesh!

20140927_100213-EFFECTSThis past Thursday through Sunday was an event called Bridge Week at the new location at Halls, which my friend Lauren had a big hand in coordinating.  I went Friday to get a free makeover and then on Sunday, there was a free yoga event amidst all the clothing racks.  At the end of yoga, the instructor said something that stayed with me.  She emphasized that today is a gift and the potential of it is all up to you.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 7.17.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 7.19.05 PMVia HallsKC Instagram


View from The Bridge

On the food side of the weekend, I attended a Grub Crawl in River Market and sampled lots of different restaurants.  I also tried a new wine bar and sampled a flight there.


In the mood of all things fall, I went apple picking and have a huge bag full just waiting to be turned into crisp, applesauce and juice!


Since yesterday was in fact National Coffee Day, I spent some time reading at PT’s in Topeka and then was star struck as I saw Kathleen Sebilius walk in.  She was so kind and I am so glad I got to chat with her for a bit.


I am getting things checked off my list, but am learning I may have predicted I’d do a lot more traveling than I have been…there is still time 🙂



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  1. It all looks so fun and delicious also I love love love your blog, the colorful background had me at first click love it! And meeting KS was definitely on my list as well! She’s awesome!

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