coffee date


20141004_101841Oh hello! This morning when I woke up, the temperature was a mere 37. I ran to my closet, threw on a sweater and headed to a local coffee shop with a book. This my friends, is my happy place. For some, it may be a sporting arena where energy is everywhere, a happy hour spot where everyone can finally unwind, or a spa day that allows full relaxation. At any coffee shop, I just love seeing everyone come in from their different areas of life, hear the various drink orders being announced, and observe what each spends their time doing here. One family with two little kids set the children at a tiny table with sidewalk chalk and brown paper, while the parents exhale and groggily drink their coffees. One man has been sketching with ear buds in. Many friends are catching up, some going years back. Oh and everyone is wearing blue…Go Royals!!! This article sums up this week in Kc.

Where is your happy place? Others for me include hiking trails and patios with a great view.


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  1. Well what a wonderful view of the coffee date from you eyes. I enjoyed it and thank you for having coffee with us. I love to sit and watch people, I love grabbing a sweater and throwing it on in the mornings. I only wish we would get fall weather here in California and soon. My happy places would included hiking also, somewhere with a good view and just quiet and time with my kids. šŸ™‚

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