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Weekend things


I just love these sunrises.  They never fail to make me stop and appreciate the beauty of them!


Latest cooking creations…

I cooked this steak for the first time, and it was delicious!  I used KC strip and red wine to reduce.


These waffles which turned out tasty (I opted to use 2 eggs and added a little regular flour instead of the full almond/coconut combo and they turned out great)

This is currently cooking in the slow cooker!

I tried a new(er) place in Westport called Julep.  It opened earlier this summer around Kentucky Derby time and is known for being a whiskey bar.  However, that is not all they serve.  They have a small wine/beer list as well as other cocktails that don’t all include whiskey.  With the help of my waitress, I ordered a warm cocktail that included Tequila, honey cinnamon, pumpkin and hot water.  It tasted just like hot holiday tea.  If you get the chance, try this cute, quaint place!


I’ve been watching videos about steaming milk and have tried tea drinks as well such as Chai and London Fogs.  Which is perfect for this weather because, snow.


And all the people were like,

What are you cooking lately?


Friday faves


Happy Friday!  Here are some of my favorite things from the past week

1. Smoked salmon from Fritz’s.  Oh my goodness.  I thought I preferred the thinly sliced, Trader Joe’s version, but this is a whole new level.  It isn’t dry in the least and the only word that can really do it justice is succulent.  YUM.



2.  Brunch. Yes this is a repeat offender pretty much every weekend I don’t work, but I love it!  I tried a new place, Summit Grill and Bar (formerly Remedy) and they did a great salmon salad.  (Maybe salmon should be an item of it’s own..)  Allen got the Irish breakfast which consisted of different types of sausages and eggs.  I learned “White Pudding” is in fact a sausage, who knew.



3. Dean & Deluca.  My mom and I went to lunch there yesterday and Ric, the owner was so kind.  He let us try many samples (another favorite!) and was just so welcoming and engaging in conversation.  We ended up settling on the basil pesto chicken salad, haricot vert, shrimp, orzo salad and marinated mushrooms.

4. Holiday Botique.  Mom and I had last been in either 2010 or 2011, when we saw Hope from Days of Our Lives.  This year, we didn’t have any celebrity spottings but we did manage to get some goodies!




I loved the art from Carly, the owl wreath, and I got an owl candle warmer 🙂


I also found a new scarf, KC shirt, and a waistband that will actually fit my big phone. And I may have been really excited to hear Christmas songs.

5.  Seasons changing.  As much as I hate the cold, there is something exciting about the way the seasons change, opening up room in your life for other changes.  I just wish the colorful leaves would stay around even longer.




What are some of your favorites this week?


Halloween costumes of 2014


Let’s just recap the past couple of weeks.  The entire KC area went on little sleep as we were cheering on our boys in blue.  While the Royals didn’t win the championship, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much excitement and support.  So proud.

This weather has been gorg.  Now that it’s November the chill is coming and I am missing those warm days already.20141024_114723


I had a couple different costumes this year thanks to Pinterest.



It was so much fun seeing how creative people get. The best costumes I saw this year was a jellyfish complete with lights, the Marlins Man, and a giraffe.

I also made another addition to my at home coffee brewing collection- a milk steamer. So far I have had great luck with it, I just need to start learning how to make some art!

Speaking of, I went to my first latte art competition, and the designs they can create in no time blow my mind.

What were the best costumes you saw this year?