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KCRW15 & Recipe successes and fails


Firstly, puppies. My mom and I walked by a pet store and decided to go look at the pups and this little guy was just begging to be played with. His 3 month old teeth were SO sharp and he was full of rambunctious energy. Too cute.


One of my favorite weeks of the year in Kansas City is Restaurant Week. I love trying out new restaurants that I otherwise might not be able to afford. This year, I tried out 3 new places. First was Reserve, inside Ambassador Hotel. I am going to try to recreate the stuffed portabella mushrooms, they were incredible, topped with a lemon-garlic aioli. The crab atop salmon was cooked to perfection as well.


I treated my parents and Allen to Chaz and we had a wonderful experience there. Our waiter was so passionate about the food and made us feel welcome which is a nice change from the sometimes prestigious attitude some can have at five star restaurants.


Dad with his “She-Crab soup”, not to be confused with He-Crab 🙂

The last (for my wallet’s sake) place I went was Plaza III. This is an older steakhouse on the Plaza, and the group of girls I went with and I all got the filet mignon, because you just don’t order chicken at a steakhouse. It was the least favorite out of the 3 restaurants I tried.


Now for my recipe fail. I have tried a number of times to be successful with making cinnamon rolls. I saw a recipe idea that included using pre-made pizza dough as the base. So, I tried. I think after having found my new favorite roll at Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott, as well as many others, nothing will compare.



I did have success with homemade tortillas! I ended up making this Roasted Vegetable Stacked Enchiladas with them.


Other recipe successes this week included these Copycat Chick-fil-A Nuggets & these Healthy Peanut Butter Pancakes.


Any great recipe fails or success stories?


Happy 2015!


After all the hustling and bustling of the past weeks, it’s hard to sit and be still.  Normally, I’d take Jackson out on a walk, but this bitter cold is constricting us both to staying in. Anyone else feel me?

Brunch has been always is a good excuse to get out and about!  Avenue’s in Brookside has a new section called L’Cove that has a huge window, great brunch and bottomless mimosas.  I highly recommend!


This Christmas season was great.  I received my first ever Lululemon pants, my beloved Trader Joe giftcards, and added some coffee gear to my collection.  I cooked for 17 (um, how to the Duggars do this daily??) a dinner of lasagna, pasta carbonara, “Olive Garden salad”, monkey bread and tiramisu.  I also set up a mimosa bar. And failed to take pics!  It was so good having family from all over the country, gather at my home 🙂

I ended up working Christmas day, so I brought my coffee supplies to work, because no one should have bad coffee on Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.45.43 PM

I also worked New Year’s Eve and Day, but got to end that stretch with some sushi at Nara with the parents!


Two days later, I had a craving again.  At work, I decided to phone in my order to pick up on my way home.  I ordered the “Sexy Mama” and I think they thought it’d be funny to have me repeat my order about 5 different times… I got a lot of laughs at the hospital 🙂


Sexy Mama + Seaweed salad from Domo. Plus a large side of tempura? 

Now that everyone is stating their goals and resolutions of 2015 (and my Body Pump class is always full), I think for mine, I would like to step out of my comfort zones in many areas.  Here is hoping 2015 is a wonderful year and one to remember!