Happy 2015!


After all the hustling and bustling of the past weeks, it’s hard to sit and be still.  Normally, I’d take Jackson out on a walk, but this bitter cold is constricting us both to staying in. Anyone else feel me?

Brunch has been always is a good excuse to get out and about!  Avenue’s in Brookside has a new section called L’Cove that has a huge window, great brunch and bottomless mimosas.  I highly recommend!


This Christmas season was great.  I received my first ever Lululemon pants, my beloved Trader Joe giftcards, and added some coffee gear to my collection.  I cooked for 17 (um, how to the Duggars do this daily??) a dinner of lasagna, pasta carbonara, “Olive Garden salad”, monkey bread and tiramisu.  I also set up a mimosa bar. And failed to take pics!  It was so good having family from all over the country, gather at my home 🙂

I ended up working Christmas day, so I brought my coffee supplies to work, because no one should have bad coffee on Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.45.43 PM

I also worked New Year’s Eve and Day, but got to end that stretch with some sushi at Nara with the parents!


Two days later, I had a craving again.  At work, I decided to phone in my order to pick up on my way home.  I ordered the “Sexy Mama” and I think they thought it’d be funny to have me repeat my order about 5 different times… I got a lot of laughs at the hospital 🙂


Sexy Mama + Seaweed salad from Domo. Plus a large side of tempura? 

Now that everyone is stating their goals and resolutions of 2015 (and my Body Pump class is always full), I think for mine, I would like to step out of my comfort zones in many areas.  Here is hoping 2015 is a wonderful year and one to remember!



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