Amazing restaurants and coffeeshops you must try!

Boulder, Colorado
*SALT the Bistro
*Turley’s- get the local Bhatki Chai

Columbia, Missouri
*Main Squeeze
*Kaldi Coffee
*Secondwave Coffee

Kauaii, Hawaii
*Cafe Hemingway
*Coconut Cup Juice Bar
*Living Foods Market
*Kauai Pasta
*Oasis on the Beach

Nashville, Tennessee
*Fido (Bongo Java is locally brewed)
*Jeni’s Icecream

San Diego, California
*Cafe Sevilla- get the bacon wrapped dates
*Fig Tree Cafe
*The Cottage

Seattle, Washington
*Alder Wood Bistro (In Sequim)
*Barking Frog (In Woodinville)
*Molly Moon Icecream
*Oak Table Cafe (In Sequim)
*Portage Bay Cafe for brunch
*Stumptown Roasters
*Westward (for a great view)
*Zoka Coffee

Tampa Bay, Florida
*Buddy Brew coffee
*Colombian Restaurant- Crab stuffed grouper
*Red Mesa Cantina- shrimp tacos & ceviche
*Waterfront Restaurant

Washington DC
*Founding Farmers


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