Weekend getaway


This past weekend we made a road trip to Chicago. What is The Windy City known for? Well, pizza and hotdogs. So, while in Chicago you at least have to try them. I had never had a Chi style hotdog but it includes “yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt” (according to Wiki). Also, deep dish pizza. I thought it was deep dish just by using a lot of crust but no. That thickness comes from layers of cheese as well!



Clockwise from top left. Eataly has been on a few blogs I read and I was excited to see this food paradise! Inside included around 8 different restaurants (one being a Nutella bar for all you Nutella lovers) as well as a ton of kitchen gadgets. We ended up grabbing a sandwich made with prosciutto, buffalo mozarella, tomato and basil. Next is an assortment of the sweet treats they had out. I didn’t have any. #patience

Third, one of the huge buildings that graced downtown Chicago. Fourth, after waiting in the cold rain for an hour and a half we toured the famous Shedd Aquarium. This blue lobster is one in a million! For our special exhibit we got to touch stingrays! Next, obviously coffee. The locally roasted Metropolis is what we sampled. Last, previously mentioned hotdog.

Random sidenote, Snapchat has stories now where they feature a specific city or event and while we were there it was Chicago! Turns out, the spring awakening festival was going on…bring on all the highschoolers.

Some of the spots we went to eat and drink included FruVe Juicery

juice (from Fruvexpressjuicery.com)

and it was amazing. I loved the info graphic they had out shown above. I had a drink with maca, cacao, banana, chia and coconut water, it was delish! More reviews to come later.

Have you tried maca before?

The end of 50 in 500


May is my favorite month, it’s usually the time where the weather starts warming up, my birthday happens, and flowers start to bloom.  I also realized the start of the month concluded my 50 in 500.  I reflected a bit over this list and realized how goals can change, which ones stopped seeming so important, and others that still will remain on my next list!  I completed 22/50, and I am proud of that.  I went out of my comfort zone to join a yoga studio, a running group, take a certification test, and try acupuncture.  I also thought of other things I had conquered that didn’t make the list, like mastering the sock bun :)

Of course, now I am brainstorming my next list. I see this next one include more learning ( I am going to take a dance class of some sort someday!)

Just thought I’d let you know the progress that happened and what I am thinking up next.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 5.13.42 PM

Fun facts Friday


Hello!  I realized it is about time for my 50 in 500 days to expire…um how did that happen so quickly?  I have a few more weeks to fit in all I can.  Here are some things as of recently.

1. I will be going to San Diego in May and cannot wait!  I went for the first time 2 years ago and have thought about it often since.  I plan on trying some great Acai Bowls (which cannot be found here often in the Midwest), maybe trying paddleboarding, and hiking (!!!!!).

2. This article makes my palate seem old.  Thinking back, I remember as a child not liking tomatoes and mushrooms.  Around maybe age 11 I began to enjoy these foods.  Some of the other foods like goat cheese and mussels I just didn’t experience until I was out on my own and acquired a taste for it.

3.  Chai tea cocktail=genius.


4. I tried my hand at grilling salmon on a cedar plank.  The salmon itself turned out well but I didn’t get any cedar flavor.  Any master grillers have any tips?

5. My parents, Allen and I made a road trip to Omaha for a wedding and we had some good eats while we were there!  Special thanks to Tyler at Nebraska Foodie for some suggestions.  We ended up having a great dinner at Railcar, breakfast at For the Love of Food Truck and coffee at Aroma’s Bliss.


6. I have read just about all of Liane Moriarty’s books and have learned a lot of Aussie terms.  My favorite of hers was The Husband’s Secret.

Any travel tips for San Diego?  When did you start to acquire a taste for ‘more complex’ foods?