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After a lovely culinary adventure in Los Angeles, I left yet again discovering my like for a food I once thought I didn’t care for.  This has happened before with things such as tofu, brussel sprouts, and now curry.  It is all in the preparation.  For instance, the first time I had tofu was at my grandma’s house.  Now, usually anything she prepares doesn’t really taste like the real item since it has been around more then a few years (a whole other story).  Anyways, I think she just got this block of tofu out of the fridge and served it.  I remember thinking it was the worst thing I had ever eaten, and stayed away from it until around college.  College introduced me to several new foods (falafel, ratatouille, Cracklin Oat Brand, rice & raisins, etc) and tofu was served with other foods and cooked right.  Therefore, my fear of tofu was reversed.  Brussel sprouts just need some tlc, a good roasting in the oven turns these babies from bitter to sweet!  And curry. Now I don’t know what the last currie’s problem was but this, oh this.  It was phenomenal.  The right balance of spices and coconut milk.  Delicious.

So, if you are planning a trip to the LA area, go to some of these lovely places.

The Vegan Joint (Near Culver City, get the curry!)

Thai Dishes on Broadway (Santa Monica)

-Los Cincos Puntos (Best tacos, hands down)

While we are on the topic of traveling, if you are in Oregon you should try

-Food trucks in downtown Portland

-Fresh fish markets (Dungeness crab!)

Blue Scorcher (Astoria)  Great vegan bakery

Recent cookings (grammar schmammer)

Crab cakes (I felt they lacked something, maybe because I didn’t make a sauce)

Homemade bread– IT ACTUALLY TURNED OUT! WOO! And looked pretty.

Image-Amazing caramel brownies

-Stuffed peppers (with spinach, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes)

-Roasted brussel sprouts & cabbage with ketchup

-My new favorite drink: Frozen banana blended with milk

But the latest new thing to try, was Shatto’s cotton candy milk

Don’t mind that Iced Coffee in the back either, it’s pretty tasty.  And why yes it is blue.  Remember cotton candy ice cream as a kid?  Try this.  It’s not quite as sweet, or blue for that matter.  But boy does it take you back.

On the list for next week, pickled vegetables.