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Black water?


New restaurants, yahoo!

First new one, Po’s Dumpling Bar.  I have heard many raves about their dumplings, so I figured I would give their place a shot.  Dana & I ended up getting a rice noodle & curry noodle dish.  The rice noodle dish had a good flavor while the curry one was lacking.  Mine came with chicken and vegetables, but was pretty standard, similar to the chicken and vegetables you get with moo goo gai pan.  The couple next to us had dumplings and a volcano drink, which came in a “fishbowl” like bowl with fire lit in the middle, it looked pretty cool.  If I were to love dumplings, I might go back to try them there but I don’t have a special love for them.

After dress hunting with Alyce, we walked to the Westside Local for lunch.  Everything about this place was fresh and tasty.  Around the table we got everything from the cheese sampler, kale & spinach salads and burgers.  Everything was great, I will definitely be going back again.

Dr. Oz mentioned a yogurt based ranch dressing, and my love for ranch (and hate of it’s lack of goodness) + curiosity had me grab this.

Verdict?  I like it!  I was very skeptical, and actually looked at the bottle, walked away, thought about it, then went back to grab it.  It doesn’t taste like other bottled ranch dressings, really the only kind I like is from our cafeteria at the hospital.  But this doesn’t taste “lite” or even tangy from the yogurt.

What else did I buy from the grocery store today, you ask?  Well, one of these

I had only tried kombucha once when Whole Foods was sampling it, and I was not a fan.  After seeing the hype about it recently, and one of my friends having it at work, I decided to give this strawberry flavor another chance.  While I am still not a fan of anything carbonated, it has a good flavor.

When I was checking out, the guy asked me if I had tried black water.  Um, what?

Apparently it is BLK water and their mission is:

“To have the energy and awareness of an energy drink, but with no caffeine and the pureness of spring water, which happens to have a touch of darkness.”

Apparently the fulvic minerals act similar to a diuretic.  I’m kind of skeptical, but maybe I will try it sometime.

Ok, enough randomness. Good night.