Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fun facts Friday


Hello!  I realized it is about time for my 50 in 500 days to expire…um how did that happen so quickly?  I have a few more weeks to fit in all I can.  Here are some things as of recently.

1. I will be going to San Diego in May and cannot wait!  I went for the first time 2 years ago and have thought about it often since.  I plan on trying some great Acai Bowls (which cannot be found here often in the Midwest), maybe trying paddleboarding, and hiking (!!!!!).

2. This article makes my palate seem old.  Thinking back, I remember as a child not liking tomatoes and mushrooms.  Around maybe age 11 I began to enjoy these foods.  Some of the other foods like goat cheese and mussels I just didn’t experience until I was out on my own and acquired a taste for it.

3.  Chai tea cocktail=genius.


4. I tried my hand at grilling salmon on a cedar plank.  The salmon itself turned out well but I didn’t get any cedar flavor.  Any master grillers have any tips?

5. My parents, Allen and I made a road trip to Omaha for a wedding and we had some good eats while we were there!  Special thanks to Tyler at Nebraska Foodie for some suggestions.  We ended up having a great dinner at Railcar, breakfast at For the Love of Food Truck and coffee at Aroma’s Bliss.


6. I have read just about all of Liane Moriarty’s books and have learned a lot of Aussie terms.  My favorite of hers was The Husband’s Secret.

Any travel tips for San Diego?  When did you start to acquire a taste for ‘more complex’ foods?