Monthly Archives: April 2014

A great weekend


A great weekend, in the fullest, consists of both activities and time to rest.  This past weekend started for me on Friday, and I couldn’t have been happier to jump on the opportunity to finally lay outside in the sunshine and ready my new book Eat the Yolks. My parents came in town and we had our first patio meal since forever at Tavern in Mission Hills.



The next morning mom and I ran the Rock the Parkway 5k and then headed to another patio for brunch at Coal Vine’s on the plaza IMG_20140412_071535_974 IMG_20140412_111140_494


We then went to City Market, trying to find a way to complete #42.  The meal we made came pretty close, considering the only chicken we could find was a whole chicken and pretty expensive and avocados just aren’t easy to find around here.



We made citrus chicken lettuce wraps + asian slaw and both were so tasty, but we agreed the pineapple guac was the best part of the meal!

What’s the best part of a weekend for you?