Monthly Archives: February 2012

Favorite recipes recently


At work, I tend to get asked, “How did you make that?”  And honestly I hardly ever measure ingredients and a lot of times just use recipes as an inspiration so it is hard to answer.  But here are some of my latest creations, based off of these inspirations!

Honey chinese chicken

Spinach artichoke soup

Egg salad remix

Kale Salad

Pasta Puttanesca


Newly found tips

  • Cinnamon is a natural antioxidant.  To keep apples from browning, toss in cinnamon and throw in fridge.  Much better tasting then lemon juice.
  • Keep avocados in peel with pit in a sealed container.  When light & air doesn’t get to it, it doesn’t brown as fast.
  • When cutting onions keep your mouth closed.  You won’t cry!
  • To add sweetness to iced coffee, make a simple syrup of 1:1 parts sugar and water. Stir constantly until brought to a boil and starts thickening.