Monthly Archives: March 2011


I have only “had” Kona once before, from a street vendor during the plaza art fair (I know, not the same).  Dana and I went and had some great things!  I got the rainbow sushi roll (so pretty!) and she got the veggie flatbread.  Both were delicious.  I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant too, and they have a great happy hour.  If you get there at the right time you can even snag a seat by the garage door style windows, which would be perfect for people watching!



I gave Indian food another shot.  And yes, I know that picture doesn’t give it justice, but lunch at Ruchi’s was an experience for our class.  We ended up sampling quite a few things since we went during the lunch buffet.  Some of the favorites included the mint chutney sauce, Gobi Palak which is cauliflower cooked in a creamy spinach sauce, and the spicy catfish.  They also had mango lassi to drink and mango ice cream.  For a buffet, they had quite a few options but it was a little pricey (like most buffets tend to be).

Pho 97


Honestly, I couldn’t tell a big difference between the pho at Vietnam Cafe and the pho at Pho 97.  We might have been in a safer part of town at the Vietnam cafe, however.  Pho is simply a vietnamese chicken noodle soup that I have recently discovered and now crave.